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Note that none of the phrases mentioned in the blog is financial advice!

Over the past week (February 17-24), many cryptocurrencies have recorded impressive percentage growth, and today in this blog we will take a look at the 5 coins with the highest growth rates.

5th Place:

According to CoinMarketCap, Neo has seen an average increase of 34.2% over the past 7 days. Cryptocurrency is designed to develop a digital economy based on smart contracts.

"NEO has a strong community and a solid foundation that makes it one of the most exciting blockchain projects in the world today." - Charlie Lee, Founder of Litecoin

The unit price of NEO is $12.17. Its total market capitalization has reached $1 billion and continues to grow.

Neo purchased on February 17 worth $1000 is worth $1340, which means a profit of $340.

Detailed information about cryptocurrency can be found on their website.

4th Place:

The fifth place on our list is Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), whose 7-day average growth was 35%. It ranks 95th in CoinMarketCap's list and recently made it into the top 100. Nevertheless, its capitalization reaches 450 million USD, and the unit cost is almost $2.

An investment of $1000 made in BONE would be $1350 on February 24, which is an increase of $350.

3rd Place:

The next coin to make our list due to the successful Bull Run is Ankr (ANKR). The total increase of 7 days for this cryptocurrency is 46%, which is quite an attractive number for investors.

ANKR worth $1000 bought at the beginning of last week would be $1460 today.

Unlike other coins on our list, it had the biggest one-day price increase, which was recorded on February 21.

2nd Place:

Conflux (CFX) has a market capitalization of one billion USD and the coin recorded an impressive 86.72% increase. At the beginning of the week, there were slight fluctuations in the price of the cryptocurrency, but this did not scare the investors, and in the end, the price of the unit reached 30 cents.

Taking into account the impressive percentage growth of cryptocurrency, the $1000 investment made in it would be $1860 today.

First Place:

During the period of February 17-24, Stacks (STX) recorded the biggest percentage jump, by an average of 132.93% during the 7-day period. Due to the great interest of investors, the market capitalization exceeded 1 billion dollars.

Stacks has shown an unprecedented growth rate throughout the past week, and many investors who bought the cryptocurrency at an early stage do not regret their decision.

If an investor bought an STX coin worth $1000 on February 17, at the end of the week his assets will be equal to $2320!

Accordingly, the increase in the investment amount is $1320.

Here we offer some interesting facts and information about cryptocurrency, which will help you better understand what type of project we are dealing with:

  1. Stacks (STX) was created by Blockstack PBC, a company founded in 2013 that focuses on building decentralized applications (dApps) on top of blockchain technology.
  2. The Stacks blockchain uses a consensus algorithm called Proof of Transfer (PoX), which allows miners to earn Bitcoin as a reward for mining STX blocks. This creates a unique incentive structure that aligns the interests of Bitcoin and Stacks miners.
  3. Blockstack PBC conducted a historic SEC-qualified token offering in 2019, making it the first company to receive approval from the SEC to sell a cryptocurrency to the public.

Popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Solana

Bull Run included well-known cryptocurrencies too. Bitcoin, for example, continues its successful run of the past two weeks, posting a small but 0.54% gain. Its price ranges from $24,000.

Another cryptocurrency that has given investors hope is Solana. Its growth included an average of 5.5%.

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Keep in mind that it is not enough to rely only on price and percentage growth indicators when trading cryptocurrencies. You need to use different trading signals and read Trading Chart.

If you don't know how to do it, you can read our blogs.

Wish you successful trading!