Perceptions from the latest and largest web3 gaming study
Turkish crypto market gains traction
Ripple ramps up with two new partners
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2022-10-14clock5 minutes

Coda Labs surveyed over 6900 gamers from 5 countries in June 2022 to find out how they feel about web3 and its impact on their gaming experience.

Over $5 billion has been invested into blockchain gaming this year, but how excited are gamers about the metaverse and trends toward decentralization, and how strong is the anti-web3 movement? Crypto users are 5 times more likely to be gamers, yet it turns out that 81% of gamers don't really use crypto much at all.

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With its sinking economy, slow start-up pace, and late entry to the market, a number of Turkish crypto advocates are pushing students and developer communities to create a bigger presence for Istanbul and Turkey in the crypto world.

Although Ethereum DevCon 7 will be held in Bogota this weekend, it wasn't for lack of trying. Significant events like ETHIstanbul, Blockchain Economy Istanbul, and Istanbul Blockchain Week have already been held with great success, and the growing interest in crypto may present a way around the Turkish lira's infamously high inflation.

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Ripple has been a bit more on the upswing and that could be due to the two new deals it signed this month.

Its first On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) customer in France is Lemonway, a Paris-based online marketplace payment provider. Lemonway will use RippleNet’s ODL to leverage XRP for crypto payments and improve treasury processes overall. Next, Swedish money transfer provider Xbaht will also join ODL, to facilitate instant and cost-effective retail payments between Sweden and Thailand.

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