Rishi Sunak wants the UK to be a crypto hub
Apple makes NFTs for apps difficult
Norway sets up offices in Decentraland
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2022-10-28clock5 minutes

The UK's new Prime Minister and former Finance Minister is really big on crypto, and it showed this week as crypto prices jumped up and the pound strengthened against the US dollar. Will Sunak follow up on the government's plan to make the UK “a global cryptoasset technology hub”? Is Britcoin on the horizon?

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Apple has updated its developer guidelines with reference to the use of NFTs in iOS apps. In short, an app can sell NFTs and related services (minting, listing, transferring, etc), but NFTs within these apps cannot be used to unlock features or include any external links to other purchasing platforms. This ensures Apple gets its 15-30% cut from every in-app purchase.

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At NOKIOS this week, the Norwegian conference for ICT in the public sector, the Brønnøysund Register Centre announced it is moving into the metaverse and opening an office in Decentraland with the Swedish tax authority, and the help of

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