Meta rolls into the NFT space
Aave activity goes up
Bitcoin mining is getting harder
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2022-08-05clock5 minutes

As part of its digital asset strategy, Meta is now rolling out NFT support to 100 countries. Instagram users can simply connect their Coinbase, Trust, MetaMask, and other wallets and then post or share collectibles on the Ethereum, Polygon and Flow blockchains.

via CoinTelegraph

Lending protocol Aave is seeing an uptick in user activity now, as it gets ready to launch its revenue-generating stablecoin, GHO. The $AAVE token is also up 114% from its recent lows.

via CoinDesk

Following several months of slumping prices, BTC mining difficulty went up 1.74%. Hashrate has also increased, with the 7-day moving average up by 2.75% in the last two weeks. In turn, mining profitability is also rising at a rate of 9.2% over this same period.

via CryptoNews

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