What is Convert?
What are the Benefits of Convert?
How to Use Convert?
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What is Convert?

When utilizing the Convert feature, you directly purchase or sell cryptocurrency from the exchange where you're trading. For instance, if you opt to buy USDT or Bitcoin on the Cryptal platform, you're acquiring it directly from Cryptal.

In contrast to Spot Trade, Convert eliminates the need to place an order and await a matching trader whose terms align with your offer. Instead, the transaction occurs instantaneously without the requirement for a matching counterpart.

What are the Benefits of Convert?

In the dynamic realm of digital assets, speed and flexibility are paramount for efficient asset management, prompting many traders to utilize the Convert feature.

The advantages of Convert on Cryptal encompass:

  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • High Liquidity

By leveraging Convert on Cryptal, users can harness these benefits to effectively manage their digital assets with ease and efficiency.

How to Use Convert?

  • Enter Cryptal
  • Click Buy Now
  • Indicate desired Cryptocurrency and Fiat
  • Enter the Amount
  • Click Buy