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What is Transaction ID? – Crypto Transaction Status

A transaction ID serves as a distinctive marker that represents an individual transaction. Every transaction is assigned its own unique transaction ID.

The format of transaction IDs can vary significantly based on the platform and payment system used. In the majority of cases, each transaction key is a combination of random letters and numbers. The transaction IDs come in various formats, with differences in length, case-sensitivity, and the inclusion of Latin letters. Some may be long and others short, but they all serve the purpose of uniquely identifying individual transactions.

Why you need Transaction ID?

  • Check the information about your Transaction
  • In case of a Refund
  • Have question and need support regarding your Transaction
  • Track your Funds and Transfer Status

What is Bitcoin Transaction ID?

Every verified crypto transaction that has been added to the blockchain is assigned a distinct and unique transaction ID. This transaction ID serves as an exclusive identifier, ensuring that each transaction is easily distinguishable from others on the blockchain.

A Bitcoin transaction ID, also known as a transaction hash, is a one-of-a-kind combination of letters and numbers. Its purpose is to serve as a reference point and facilitate the retrieval of each specific BTC transaction.

For Example: When Laszlo Hanyecz bought a pizza with Bitcoin in May 2010, his transaction ID looked like this: a1075db55d416d3ca199f55b6084e2115b9345e16c5cf302fc80e9d5fbf5d48d

You can check it yourself with the help of BlockExplorer. It is also possible to check the status of your own transaction using the same unique Transaction ID.

The block explorer is a valuable tool that provides a wealth of useful information for tracking and verifying transactions. It offers details such as the transaction amount, status, and the sender's cryptocurrency address, among other relevant data. Importantly, it does not reveal any private information, ensuring that sharing your transaction ID with others will not compromise your identity.

With help of BlockExplorer and Transaction ID, you can check out various famous person’s wallet and what they are HODLing in it.

What does celebrities store in their Crypto Wallets?

Approximately $15 million worth of assets are currently being sought in the wallet of Vitalik Buterin, who is the creator of the cryptocurrency Ethereum.


You can check it yourself: 0xd8da6bf26964af9d7eed9e03e53415d37aa96045

Assets worth $31 million are stored in the wallet (0x3ddfa8ec3052539b6c9549f12cea2c295cff5296) of Justin Sun, the creator of the cryptocurrency Tron.


How does Transaction ID help us?

To track and review your transaction, you will need two essential pieces: the Transaction ID and a BlockExplorer.

Once your transaction has been processed and assigned a unique Transaction ID, you can utilize the Block Explorer's transaction search box to track its progress. By entering the Transaction ID in the search box, you can access detailed information about your transfer's current status and its movement on the blockchain.