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2023-05-01clock7 minutes

Despite the expectations of crypto critics that crypto assets would stop growing and go into recession, it did not come true.

Bulls are still active in the cryptocurrency market, which means that many coins are rising in price and investors who have invested in crypto assets are seeing quite a lot of profits.

In this blog, We will tell you what growth was recorded in the month of April by Render Token (RNDR), Casper (CSPR), Injective (INJ), Internet Computer (ICP) and WOO Network (WOO) and how your portfolio would change if you bought these commodities.

Please note that none of the words expressed in this blog constitute financial advice.

5th Place:

Internet Computer (ICP) took the 5th place among the growing coins of the last month, which delighted crypto investors with a 17.67% increase in the month.

It can be bought for $6 and the total market capitalization is close to three billion dollars.

Internet Computer's blockchain functions as a "World Computer", allowing users to create applications and online services integrated into its network, while simultaneously benefiting from the ICP crypto itself.

Due to the increased demand for online services, it is an interesting initiative for investors to invest in Internet Computer.

4th Place:

During the month of April, the well-known WOO Network had an impressive growth, showing a total growth of 23.6%.

Over the past period, WOO has been included in the weekly best coins list several times, thus proving that it is quite a stable cryptocurrency and a good idea to invest in it.

As of today, WOO can be purchased for $0.2. The market capitalization of crypto has approached half a billion dollars.

Woo Network is the world's first social media blockchain network that rewards users for creating unique content. WOO allows users to earn Woo Points, which can be exchanged for crypto and coins, by creating high-quality content.

If you are a content creator and you are attracted to the principle of network operation, you can try your hand at it.

3rd Place:

One of the favourite crypto ecosystems for developers is the Casper Network, which makes it easy to build decentralized applications.

The cryptocurrency of the network is Casper (CSPR), which can be purchased for $0.05. Many crypto analysts predict that the demand for this asset will increase as the number of developers working on this network increases.

During the month of April, Casper had a growth of almost 50%. Also important is the fact that crypto-assets are characterized by rapid growth in a short period of time, therefore, investors and developers who chose Casper almost doubled their investments in a 30-day period.

An investor who invested $2,000 in Casper on April 1st, at the end of the month, his total assets amounted to $3,000.

2nd Place:

If you haven't heard anything about Injective (INJ) and its protocol, don't worry, it's not too late to invest in this asset.

During April, INJ actively maintained the green wave and the crypto asset was on the rise. As of today, it is available for purchase at $7.7, and the crypto has seen a 59% increase during that time.

An important factor for investors is that Injective cooperates with such well-known crypto brands as Binance and Chainlink.

1st Place:

Render Token (RNDR) recorded the best percentage growth in the 30-day period. From April 1st to April 30th, crypto investors gained 76%.

This means that if an investor invested $2000 in Coin on April 1st, in just 30 days the value of his total assets would be $3500. In 30 days - an increase of $1500.

Render Token has appeared on our weekly list of the best cryptocurrencies multiple times, both in April and in the past months, which indicates that the coin, in addition to the high percentage growth rate in the short term, stands out for its stability, which is an important aspect for investment.

For example, to compare the percentage increase of shares of well-known companies in the month of April:

1. In the period of April, the growth of Apple shares amounted to 1.8%
2. Microsoft's stock price ranged from $287 to $307, an increase of nearly 7%
3. If you decide to invest in Amazon shares, your 30-day profit is only 2.94%.

The top 5 cryptocurrencies of the month on our list have seen much bigger growth than the biggest companies in the world. Accordingly, the attention of investors is slowly shifting towards crypto assets.

If you are convinced that crypto investing is the fastest and best way to accumulate assets, We will tell you a better way.

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What was going on around Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)?

Two of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world closed the 30-day marathon with a green chart. Although no coin has shown double digits, it is still important for investors and crypto enthusiasts to end the recessionary market of the last period on a green wave.

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