Chat GPT and Sam Altman Saga
What do Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT have in Common?
Cryptocurrency linked to Artificial Intelligence
Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence – Future Technologies
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Chat GPT and Sam Altman Saga

In the previous November, a pivotal moment unfolded not just for cryptocurrencies and the crypto market, but also for the domain of artificial intelligence and its affiliated enterprises.

The landscape became uncertain with the removal of Sam Altman from his position as CEO of OpenAI, the entity responsible for the creation of Chat GPT.

Many had linked the success and technological strides of the groundbreaking Chat GPT to Sam, making his ousting from the role utterly unforeseen.

OpenAI, established in 2015, introduced their most triumphant AI creation, Chat GPT, merely a year ago. In that time, it rapidly amassed users at an unprecedented pace across prominent online platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and more.

Within just five days of its launch, ChatGPT garnered 1 million users, and presently, a staggering 180 million individuals are utilizing this AI.

Post the removal of Sam Altman, users faced a perplexing period, questioning the fate of the innovative project that had become an integral part of daily life.

However, the saga didn't conclude with Sam's departure. Within a few days, it was disclosed that he was reinstated as the head of OpenAI, following a complete overhaul of the supervisory board.

This marked the initiation of a transformative phase for the already pioneering company. Sam declared a collaboration with the tech behemoth Microsoft, unveiling plans to introduce new products to customers in the immediate future.

What do Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT have in Common?

Similar to artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency has swiftly integrated into our daily lives, gaining popularity at an accelerating pace. The driving force behind the crypto industry, blockchain technology, mirrors the innovative nature of artificial intelligence.

The convergence of these two domains is not surprising, and indeed, they have already intersected. CoinMarketCap, for instance, lists cryptocurrencies associated with artificial intelligence, including those used for payments in AI services.

An illustrative example is the Worldcoin project, introduced by OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, in July of this year. This initiative aims to globalize digital assets and cryptocurrencies as a medium of payment, fostering true financial autonomy for individuals.

Worldcoin, denoted as WLD, has swiftly found its place on various crypto exchanges, obtainable by users for as little as $2.4. The project's distinctive system and algorithm go beyond financial freedom and the crypto revolution. It aspires to establish an approach akin to global citizenship, where individuals possess a World ID and identify as citizens of the Earth, utilizing the anonymous WLD coin for transactions.

The coin employs a unique algorithm, different from the common Proof of Work and Proof of Stake models in the cryptocurrency realm. Transactions and various crypto operations necessitate individuals to confirm their identity through a specialized device that analyzes the eye membrane. This process, termed Proof of Personhood, grants access to a myriad of digital services, ensuring a secure and personalized experience.

Cryptocurrency linked to Artificial Intelligence

The world has long been swept up in the frenzy of cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence is closely trailing this technological surge.

As evidenced by the widespread adoption of innovations like Chat GPT, people readily embrace and employ an increasing array of AI tools, including entertainment and cognitive platforms like Remini.

The amalgamation of two cutting-edge technologies—artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency—gives rise to an entirely new market trend known as artificial intelligence-related coins.

Presently, among the top 100 cryptocurrencies globally, as determined by market capitalization, there exist six assets intricately tied to artificial intelligence. This intersection of AI and the crypto space signifies a growing recognition of the transformative potential when these two realms converge, shaping a distinctive trend in the market landscape.

Which Cryptocurrency is Linked to Artificial Intelligence?

  • Internet Computer (ICP) - A cryptocurrency asset, positioned at the 30th rank on CoinMarketCap, serves as a tool for structuring the online sphere of any platform or service through the application of blockchain technology. This digital asset not only functions as a mode of payment but is also accessible to users at a modest cost, with a purchase price below $5.

  • The Graph (GRT) - For securely transferring information to the blockchain and leveraging Ethereum technology, The Graph emerges as a crypto asset of choice. Priced at $0.15, this digital asset facilitates the construction of a robust blockchain infrastructure. The incorporation of artificial intelligence ensures swift processing of information, subsequently preserving it intact within the network.

  • Injective (INJ) - The AI-related cryptocurrency, presently holding the 48th position on CoinMarketCap, stands as the most valuable asset in the AI-related category, priced at $15. This cryptocurrency is specifically designed to function within the decentralized finance (DeFi) and digital financial systems, offering unique capabilities within these domains.

Despite being among the most renowned crypto-assets associated with artificial intelligence, some have experienced a decline in rankings, possibly influenced by recent developments in the Chat GPT sphere. However, in the past two weeks, these crypto-assets, including SingularityNET, have shown signs of improvement in tandem with the broader cryptocurrency market.

SingularityNET stands out as a prominent example. It empowers users to establish a blockchain-based payment and monetization ecosystem, allowing individuals to earn through the sale or provision of diverse AI services.

Furthermore, the SingularityNET marketplace presents a myriad of services that could be of interest or utility for individuals and businesses alike, with transactions facilitated through the AGIX token. Since its inception in 2017, the cryptocurrency is currently valued at $0.3.

Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence – Future Technologies

The prevailing trend indicates a continual emergence of artificial intelligence-related cryptocurrencies in the market. Notably, some of these cryptocurrencies have garnered substantial market capitalization, securing positions among the top 100 crypto-assets.

The example set by Chat GPT reinforces the notion that our future is intricately tied to artificial intelligence. As this innovation unfolds, a plethora of AI services is created, seamlessly integrating with cryptocurrencies and becoming integral components of the payment system.

In essence, these two futuristic technologies, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence, are not only fascinating but also inevitable in shaping the trajectory of our technological landscape. Their intersection propels innovation and opens up new possibilities, making them key players in the ongoing evolution of our digital future.