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2023-04-20clock7 minutes

It doesn't matter if you are just starting to get acquainted with the world of cryptocurrencies or you already have a large portfolio and experience, it is always important to choose the right crypto exchange at every stage.

This process depends on a lot of details, which cryptocurrency you want to trade, what type of strategy you choose and how important the fees are.

In this blog, we review two crypto exchanges, Cryptal and We will compare the differences between them, what coins are supported and help you choose the right crypto exchange for you.

Similarities between Cryptal and

Both platforms discussed in today's blog have the two main functionalities that a crypto exchange should have – Convert and Spot Exchange.

On both Cryptal and, you can buy and sell the crypto assets you want using the Convert feature, where you don't have to wait to get the asset you want.

Also, Spot Exchange, where you place the corresponding sell or buy order and wait for it to be filled on the opposite side.

OTC Service

Over-the-counter, i.e. personal broker service, which will help you sell your assets or buy the desired cryptocurrency without placing an order on the exchange very quickly and conveniently.

If you need help with a private broker on Cryptal, you can write to us.

What fiat currencies are supported?

Major fiat currencies are supported on both Cryptal and It is important that the Georgian Lari can be used on both crypto exchanges.

How can I Top Up the Balance and Withdraw money?

On both platforms, Cryptal and, it is possible to Top Up the Balance and withdraw traditional currencies using all three methods. However, uses an intermediary platform to withdraw fiat currencies and only Euros can be withdrawn.

For detailed information on top ups and withdrawals, you can read our blog.


In the case of crypto exchange, there are three types of fees, namely: trading fee, top up fee and withdrawal fee.

1. Trading fee

Cryptal has a fixed trading fee for both Maker (request to sell on the exchange) and Taker (request to buy on the exchange) while has a variable percentage depending on the status you may have on the platform based on your trade volumes.

2. Top Up & Withdrawal fee

You can see detailed information about the commissions on the top-ups on Cryptal here. In the case of, it depends on the provider the platform uses. You can get detailed information on their website.

Regarding withdrawal:

At, fiat currency can be cashed out only in Euro, with the help of Banxa, and the fee is $1.

As for moving cryptocurrencies on the platform, topping up all crypto assets on Cryptal is free and without any commission, you can see the details here.


It is important for traders to consider limits when trading crypto assets. For example, what is the maximum or minimum amount of assets that can be cashed out in a day or a month?

Any asset moving on Cryptal, be it cryptocurrency or fiat currency, is unlimited. That is, you can bring in any amount of assets and it will be reflected in your account in full.

There are several ways to Top Up the Balance on Cryptal, if you are interested, you can read our blog.

The difference applies only to GEL and dollars with Georgia and TBC Bank cards.

Funds moving through BOG and TBC bank transfers are unlimited. And the limit of top-ups made with bank cards is 50,000 GEL.

As for cashing out, using wire transfers, the minimum amount is 100 GEL, dollars and euros, and the maximum amount is 5,000,000 in the respective currency.

If you decide to transfer the amount to the card of the Bank of Georgia and TBC Bank, in this case the daily limit is 3,000 GEL, and there is no minimum amount.

Topping up and withdrawal of crypto assets on Cryptal are unlimited.

All above-mentioned limits apply to verified users of Cryptal.

If you are interested in how to get verified, read our blog.

As for, fiat currency can only be cashed out with the help of the provider Banxa, and the limit is 14,000 euros.

Support team

The support team plays an important role in the operation of any crypto exchange. It is necessary for the user to have the opportunity to receive detailed and quick information from an official source.

With both Cryptal and, you can contact the support team 24/7.

If you trade on Cryptal and have a question, write to us:



• Hotline (+995 322 053 253)

Official Facebook page

And if you have a problem while trading on, you can contact the chatbot and get help 24/7.

Referral program

By inviting friends to the Cryptal Referral Program, you will receive an instant benefit of $5 worth of USDT coins once the referred friend is verified.

Additionally, every time your referred friend trades using the Convert or Spot Exchange, you will earn a 20% commission on the total amount traded.

For detailed information, you can see our blog.

The referral program operates on the platform, where you can redeem the percentages that you or a friend you invite will earn.

For example, you and your invited friend will share 40% of the profit, that is, it is up to you who will get the percentage of the profit. Detailed information can be found on the website.


Choosing a crypto exchange, like anything else, depends on our needs and requirements. If it's important to you to be able to top up the balance, withdraw, and trade cryptocurrencies and fiat assets easily, safely, and cheaply, Cryptal is the best choice.

And if you prefer a platform with a large selection of cryptocurrencies, then is the perfect crypto exchange for you.

Wish you successful trading!