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2022-12-31clock10 minutes

A rough year of cautionary tales

The crypto world, along with many other sectors, endured its longest winter on record. A number of high-profile political events and personalities wreaked havoc on the news cycles and international affairs. Here are a few of the major ones that set the stage for where we are today:

Good news and progress

Despite all that, there were some amazing achievements unlocked for crypto and blockchain technologies:

NFTs & the Metaverse

Arguably, NFTs and the Metaverse were the biggest new trends in Web3 for 2022, and they are likely to persist throughout 2023 and beyond. Several major corporations, superstars, and even countries implemented NFT and Metaverse strategies:

Regulation, decentralization, and increased adoption

2022's flurry of regulations put forward by many countries will come into effect in 2023, making decentralization critical to maintaining the industry's strength. Being able to transact seamlessly across borders is a major advantage for DeFi. As local regulations attempt to both monitor and secure the growing adoption of blockchain activity, it will be more important that ever to understand where and how to execute transactions efficiently.