Cryptocurrency, Telegram and New Possibilities
What is Cryptocurrency TON?
How does TON Work?
TON and Telegram
What are the Benefits of TON?
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Cryptocurrency, Telegram and New Possibilities

The cryptocurrency industry is always abuzz with news, capturing attention with its potential. Emerging crypto assets frequently offer substantial growth opportunities, leading to significant profits.

Toncoin, a new cryptocurrency, is attracting considerable interest for these reasons.

In this blog, you'll discover what Toncoin is, its connection to Telegram, and the opportunities it presents for buyers and sellers.

What is Cryptocurrency TON?

Toncoin (TON) is the native utility token of The Open Network (TON). It is used to pay transaction fees within the network and is integral to the network's technology and ecosystem. Validators and stakers use TON to secure the network by staking it on their nodes, earning TON rewards for validating blocks. Additionally, TON plays a crucial role in the governance of the TON blockchain.

Recent developments have propelled TON to a new six-month high.

How does TON Work?

The Open Network (TON) is a decentralized Layer 1 smart contract platform designed for both routine and specialized financial applications. It supports the creation of fungible and non-fungible tokens, with over a million NFTs already minted on the network.

As a Proof of Stake (PoS) network, TON aims to provide a scalable infrastructure for financial activities, enabling diverse users to interact over a secure, immutable financial system. By adopting the PoS consensus algorithm and a flexible design, TON aspires to accommodate billions of users without compromising efficiency. The transition from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake also reflects TON's commitment to an environmentally friendly consensus system.

TON operates a virtual machine that manages the network state, facilitating communication between external applications and contract accounts. This setup allows decentralized finance projects to deploy their solutions on the network. Official reports indicate over 3 million accounts created on the network, representing a 143% growth from the previous year, with over 700,000 active accounts. The network's significant usage may be partly attributed to its affiliation with Telegram.

TON (The Open Network) is a blockchain engineered for scalable cross-chain interoperability. Initially developed by Telegram, it is now maintained by the TON Foundation. Toncoin, the native token of TON, facilitates network operations and transactions for applications built on the TON platform as we already mentioned earlier.

Recently, Telegram announced the integration of a self-custody TON-based wallet, TON Space, into its messaging app.

TON and Telegram

The idea behind The Open Network (TON) is to bridge the gap between everyday internet users, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. This vision was articulated in the whitepaper published in January 2018 by Telegram co-founder Nikolai Durov. Nikolai and his brother Pavel Durov, the creators of a successful messaging application, aimed to leverage its popularity to introduce cryptocurrency to a broader audience.

The whitepaper outlined the structure of the blockchain network, initially called Telegram Open Network, with a native coin known as GRAM. GRAM was designed to support the infrastructure of TON, facilitating borderless peer-to-peer transactions. Nikolai Durov led the development, while Pavel Durov served as the project's public face.

Telegram Open Network was originally a Proof of Work (PoW) Layer 1 network capable of executing smart contracts. The whitepaper also introduced the TON Virtual Machine (TVM), akin to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling developers to deploy smart contracts and automate financial activities on the network. The testnet for TON launched in early 2019, with the mainnet scheduled for later that year. However, regulatory issues with the SEC and the misuse of the GRAM token name in scams and fake launches led to significant setbacks.

The TON team had raised over $1 billion through multiple funding programs, offering GRAM tokens at various prices. Following regulatory deliberations, the development and launch were halted, and the project refunded investors. Telegram subsequently distanced itself from the project.

TON was later relaunched as The Open Network (TON) using the source code from the original Telegram Open Network. The TON Foundation took over the development, renaming the native token to Toncoin and switching the consensus algorithm to Proof of Stake (PoS). TON continues to evolve under this new framework.

What are the Benefits of TON?

Toncoin, the native cryptocurrency of the TON (The Open Network) blockchain, offers several benefits:

  • Scalability: TON is designed to handle millions of transactions per second, making Toncoin highly scalable.
  • Low Fees: Transactions on the TON blockchain are known for their low fees, making it cost-effective for users.
  • Speed: The network provides fast transaction processing times, enhancing user experience.
  • Security: TON uses advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure the security and integrity of transactions.
  • Decentralization: The network is decentralized, which helps prevent control by a single entity and promotes transparency.
  • Interoperability: TON supports cross-chain communication, allowing it to interact with other blockchains.

These benefits make Toncoin a versatile and attractive option in the cryptocurrency market.


Cryptocurrency is becoming a more integral part of our daily financial lives, with assets like TON accelerating this irreversible process.

Cryptocurrency's close relationship with Telegram adds an intriguing aspect for novice crypto traders and lends credibility to the project for experienced users, given Telegram's success and widespread use.

The primary goal of crypto is to facilitate fast transactions and create decentralized applications. If these features are important to you, TON coin might be the right asset.

Its speed, security, and low fees, combined with its recent price increase, make TON a compelling investment option.