What is the Notcoin a.k.a next Bitcoin?
How to earn Notcoin?
How to Boost Notcoin Earnings?
Are there ways to Boost earn additionally?
What are the similarities between Notcoin and Bitcoin?
What are the Benefits of Notcoin?
Notcoin on Crypto Exchange?
Summary: Start earning Notcoin
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How to earn Notcoin?

Earning Notcoin entails installing the designated bot on Telegram and opting to join a team or play solo. The primary tactic revolves around clicking on coins, gathering rockets, and strategically utilizing gas pedals.

Additionally, participants have the option to invite friends, akin to a referral program, or send gifts to their acquaintances—a feature that fosters community engagement and incentivizes social interaction.

For each invited friend you will get 2,500 Notcoins!

Plus, A sum of 2,500 Notcoin is given to new users to begin their Notcoin journey. The aim is to increase this balance by clicking on coins and collecting rockets to increase profits.

In addition, Notcoin offers additional ways to earn coins, like friend invites and league participation, in addition to other revenue streams that may be accessed via the Earn page.

So, for the beginning it’s basically the Click and Earn principle but from Mobile Phones and Smartphones. Effectively earning Notcoin hinges on a strategic approach: consistently clicking on a coin every 3 seconds, ensuring a steady accumulation of coins over time. This measured pace optimizes earning potential and fosters sustainable growth in Notcoin holdings. There are tons of stuff to accelerate your Notcoime Income, but it might be better to just Tap bot in the first days.

That’s simple, nothing more and nothing less.

How to Boost Notcoin Earnings?

  • Energy Limit

Your Energy Limit is like a stamina bar in a video game; it's the maximum amount of activities or transactions you can do before needing a break. A higher Energy Limit lets you earn more before needing to pause, essentially allowing you to do more in less time.

  • Recharging Speed

This feature determines how quickly your energy or resources replenish so you can keep earning with Notcoin. Faster Recharging Speed means less downtime between earning activities. It's akin to having a faster battery charger for your phone, so you can get back to using it sooner.

  • Multitap

Think of Multitap as a way to earn rewards from multiple sources at the same time. Instead of just earning from one activity, Multitap allows you to tap into several earning streams, multiplying your rewards. It's like having several taps open at once, filling your bucket faster.

  • Auto Tap Bot

This is your earning assistant. The Auto Tap Bot can automatically perform earning activities for you, like tapping, mining, or trading, even when you're not actively managing it. It's like hiring a robot to do the work, ensuring you're earning around the clock without needing to be constantly involved.

To unlock Tap Bot you need to be in the Silver League and for that, you need 20k Points.

Are there ways to Boost earn additionally?

Actually yeah, there are four additional ways to extra Boost your earnings.

  • Acquire 100K points by purchasing a $TON NFT.
  • Earn 100K points per quest by fulfilling tasks in the Web3 World.
  • Obtain an extra 100K points by subscribing to Telegram Premium.
  • Invite friends and garner up to 100K points per referral.

What are the similarities between Notcoin and Bitcoin?

  • Decentralized Nature: Both are likely to be decentralized, meaning they aren't controlled by a single entity like a government or central bank.
  • Blockchain Technology: They probably use blockchain technology. This is like a digital ledger that records all transactions across a network of computers.
  • Digital and Global: They're both digital currencies, meaning you can use them over the internet. Plus, they're global, so you can send them to anyone in the world with an internet connection.
  • Used for Transactions: Both can be used to buy goods and services from places that accept them, or for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Wallet Storage: You store both in digital wallets, which can be software on your computer or smartphone, or even hardware wallets for extra security.

What are the Benefits of Notcoin?

  • Potential: With its growing popularity and widespread participation, Notcoin holds the potential to emerge as the next Bitcoin or another highly acclaimed cryptocurrency. The increasing number of individuals involved in its ecosystem signifies a burgeoning interest and indicates the possibility of significant growth and recognition in the cryptocurrency space.

  • Free: Ultimately, there's no cost associated with giving Notcoin a try, making it a risk-free opportunity. With nothing to lose, why not seize the chance to explore its potential benefits and opportunities for earning money?

Notcoin on Crypto Exchange?

Storm Trade, a prominent derivatives trading platform on the TON network, recently introduced pre-trading futures for Notcoin, offering traders an exclusive opportunity to engage in trading of this promising cryptocurrency, poised to revolutionize decentralized finance, ahead of its official release and listing on exchanges.

Traders on Storm Trade can trade Notcoin futures utilizing the TON token as collateral, with trading commencing on February 15th. Profit and loss evaluations for traders will be determined based on the settlement price post-trading closure.

Summary: Start earning Notcoin

Notcoin is a newly emerging cryptocurrency so there is quite a buzz around it. It might not be launched yet but its presence on and Binance is a hopeful sign.

You can earn money with Notcoin on Telegram by clicking the Logo once in a while, plus with a bunch of other features, you can accelerate your earnings.

People in the Crypto Society are looking positively at Notcoin, some even praising it as the next Bitcoin.

Please keep in mind that all the expressed opinions are just opinions!