2023-01-1110 minutes

Watch the market with the order book

The order book shows pending buy and sell limit orders as they are submitted. When a buy order matches a sell order in asking price and volume, both orders are executed. You can track your order this way to see where it is relative to other buy and sell orders.

Buy orders and sell orders

A buy order indicates how much a buyer is willing to pay in one asset for a requested amount of another asset. A sell order is the minimum price a seller will accept in one asset for an amount of another asset in exchange. The difference between the highest buy price and the lowest sell price is the spread. Study the order book to see the current prices and trading volume. The supply and demand of an asset will tell us what the liquidity of the market is, and how easy it will be to buy or sell at your desired price.

Open orders

You can see all your submitted orders that have not yet been matched and executed.

Order history

This shows all your closed orders – everything that has been executed.

Trade history

This is a list of all your trades to date, both instant and spot.