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What is an order?

An "order" is a bid on the spot exchange with the intent to make a trade between two customers on their desired terms. For example, if you want to sell Bitcoin, but not at the Instant Trade price, you can enter a bid (place an order) on the spot exchange and wait for a matching bid at your asking price.

Different assets, different limits

The maximum size of an order depends on the coin or token, for instance, 9000 BTC or 10,000,000 USDT or 90,000 LTC. The minimum order must be at least $5, €5, or ₾10.

Where to find the latest information

Full details on current fees and limits are always here:

Minimum and maximum order sizes are the same, whether you are buying on Instant Trade or on the spot exchange. However, if you need to trade a larger amount, contact our OTC desk.