Payments with Crypto?
Paying utilities with cryptocurrencies are possible in Lugano
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Payments with Crypto?

Lugano, the picturesque Swiss city, is enhancing its embrace of cryptocurrencies by facilitating residents to settle any municipal bill or tax invoice using Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT) stablecoins through a newly streamlined process. This marks a significant step in integrating crypto seamlessly into the daily lives of Lugano's citizens, who can now conveniently use Bitcoin and Tether to cover all city taxes and service fees.

This progressive move is part of the broader "Plan B" partnership with Tether, aimed at revolutionizing financial transactions through the utilization of cryptocurrencies. The city's commitment to this initiative unveiled at the start of December, builds upon its earlier decision to accept Bitcoin and Tether for payments on its web portal. Notably, this latest innovation extends to all invoices, encompassing various categories such as tax bills, regardless of the amount or specific service rendered. Lugano's continuous efforts underscore a forward-thinking approach to the integration of digital currencies into everyday financial transactions.

Paying utilities with cryptocurrencies is possible in Lugano

By embracing two widely used cryptocurrencies for the complete settlement of public expenses, Lugano solidifies its position as one of Switzerland's leading urban centers in terms of crypto progressiveness. This strategic expansion is a result of Lugano's collaboration with Tether, known as "Plan B," which aims to leverage Bitcoin's technological infrastructure in various aspects of municipal finance and daily routines.

In this progressive move, Swiss crypto firm Bitcoin Suisse played a pivotal role by providing the back-end payment solution. The integration process is user-friendly, allowing citizens to make payments seamlessly using any standard crypto wallet. The procedure involves scanning a Swiss QR code on invoices and choosing the preferred coin for swift and hassle-free payment.

Armin Schmid, Chief Product Officer at Bitcoin Suisse, commended Lugano for its proactive approach to accelerating practical Bitcoin adoption. Lugano, through this initiative, serves as a trailblazer in showcasing effective crypto assimilation that other Swiss cities can take inspiration from.