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2022-12-09clock2 minutes

Referral Program

Invite friends to Cryptal and get BONUS benefits.

As a result of inviting a friend, you get:

Instant benefits in the form of $5 USDT coins - as soon as the invited friend is verified.

In addition, every time an invited friend trades on the Spot exchange - you will receive a 20% commission on the total traded amount.

To receive BONUS benefits, you must:

• Invited friend should pass verification;
• deposit money by bank card or wire transfer;
• deposit and exchange any FIAT currency (GEL, USD or EUR) worth at least $100 equivalent;
• buy $100 worth of cryptocurrency on our Spot exchange;
• Depositing and exchanging crypto, as well as exchanging amounts less than $100 equivalent, will not be taken into account in the calculation of benefits.

Referring and friend invitations are available for both verified and non-verified users, however, BONUS benefits can be received and cashed out only after verification.

You can invite a friend either through a link or by scanning a QR code.

Regarding receiving BONUS benefits:

• The bonus will be credited to you in the form of USDT coins
Fixed bonus - will be credited to your account instantly, upon fulfilment of the above conditions.
• BONUS commission - will be credited to you after the transaction is recorded on the SPOT Exchange- within 24 hours.

See how to invite friends to CRYPTAL: