Market vs. Limit
What is the Order Book?
What is a Candle Chart?
What are trading pairs?
2022-12-2110 minutes

What Is Spot Trading?

Cryptal is Georgia's first full-featured crypto exchange, offering a diverse selection of cryptos to buy and sell. In addition to our Instant Trade feature, we also provide an online spot exchange, where transactions between traders take place. In a typical trade, one party “asks” and other “offers” – these bids are then matched to execute a trade. The main advantages to using the spot exchange are lower fees and better market prices.

On Cryptal, you can access our spot trading page by clicking on Exchange. Here you can place a “market” order to buy or sell at the current market price, or a “limit” order that lets you set a price and then executes when a matching offer is available.

  • The fee for every spot trade is 0.25% of the transaction value and it is deducted from the resulting currency.
    For example, if you buy 100 ADA, you will receive 99.75 in your wallet at the end of the trade.

This is where you'll see the current active offers. Bids (offers to buy) are in green and Asks (offers to sell)are in red. Next to the order book is a list of the most recent live trades.

Active traders watch the various charts to see what the trends are and get an overview of the current market activity. The most common chart you'll see is the “candle” chart. The length of a candle shows the spread in price over a specific interval. Long candles mean the price is changing rapidly, while short candles indicate a more stable price. If the candle is red, it means the price was falling. Green candles indicate the price is rising.

  • Tip: You can learn more about candle charts and trading in general on Investopedia

“Pairs” are two currencies that can be exchanged for one another in a trade. Cryptal supports many different pairs against GEL, USD, EUR, and BTC.

  • Pro tip: you can trade BTC with many other cryptos, in addition to fiat.

To see if the pair you want is supported, click on “Choose Pair” to the left of the trading view window, and then enter the code for a currency you want to trade to show all its possible trading pairs.