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2023-03-27clock5 minutes

Fortunately for traders, the crypto industry has been healthy for several weeks in a row. The main and most popular crypto-assets are on the rise in price, and other smaller coins or tokens are following them.

In the blog, you will find out which five coins performed the most in terms of average percentage growth over the past 7 days, and see how the trader's investment would have changed during this time.

Note that none of the information mentioned in this blog is financial advice!

5th Place:

We start our list with the fifth-ranked Litecoin (LTC), which really justified traders' hopes and investments.

Over the past week, the coin, in addition to its price, has also increased its market capitalization, and today it is equal to $6 billion, and you can buy it for $92.

LTC's 7-day gain was 8.95%, pleasing many traders who invested in the coin earlier in the week.

TOP FACT: Litecoin was created in 2011 by former Google engineer Charlie Lee who called it a lightweight version of Bitcoin.

4th Place:

One of the most popular coins that followed the Bull Run trend, taking fourth place on our list with the average percentage growth rate was XRP (XRP).

The coin is up 13% in a week and its market capitalization has reached an impressive $22 billion.

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1. The total volume of XRP will be 100 billion tokens. By March 2023, 47 billion are already in circulation.
2. Compared to Bitcoin, whose transaction takes an average of 10 minutes, XRP's transaction time is much less than 4 minutes.

3rd place:

Next in the top coins of the week is XDC Network (XDC). Its market capitalization has already reached half a billion dollars and recorded a 14% increase in 7 days.

XDC was established in 2018 by Singapore-based company XinFin Fintech Pte.

The main features of XDC Network are speed and security. Transactions are based on the PoS system and take only 4 seconds. You can buy it for $0.04.

TOP FACT: XDC partners with such well-known companies as Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), Oracle, and Koinly.

2nd place:

The next coin that met the expectations of investors and stood out with a green chart for 7 days is Flare (FLR). The coin showed a 15% increase from March 20 to March 26, and its market capitalization exceeded $400 million.

In total, 12 billion FLR coins are released in the market and you can buy a unit for $0.03.

TOP FACT: Flare partners with major financial organizations such as SBI Holdings, CoinShares, and Digital Asset Capital Management.

First place:

The coin that showed the biggest increase of 15% last week is Nexo (NEXO). Its market capitalization has exceeded $400 million and you can buy the coin for $0.76.

Nexo is used on the platform of the same name, where users can get crypto loans. And those investors who buy this crypto on different exchanges enjoy several advantages. For example, reduced interest rates in case of borrowing.

TOP FACT: The Nexo platform launched in 2018 and already partners with companies such as BitGo, Chainalysis and Mastercard.

Popular cryptocurrencies: Cardano (ADA) and Stellar (XLM)

It is true that Cardano failed to repeat the impressive growth recorded last week, but we must say that the downward trend of the price is not observed and continues with a 2% increase on the green chart.

The popular Stellar, whose 7-day growth was 3.35%, did not lag behind the Bull Run. It is also worth noting that the market capitalization of XLM has approached $2.5 billion, and some experts predict an increase in this number in the near future.

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