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During the recent Bull Run, a significant number of cryptocurrencies recorded positive growth, as we previously discussed in our blog post. Many digital coins experienced impressive percentage gains during this period, and we highlighted these coins in our previous publication.

As we previously discussed in our blog, a number of cryptocurrencies demonstrated impressive growth during the recent Bull Run. Now, let's take a closer look at the top performers from the week of March 13-19 and see which of the five digital currencies experienced the most significant gains during that time period. Additionally, we'll analyze how an investor's portfolio would have changed if they had purchased these coins on Monday and held them throughout the week.

Note that none of the information in this blog is financial advice!

5th Place:

Starting our list is SingularityNET (AGIX), a popular A.I. coin that has shown an impressive growth of 35.83% and has secured the 5th spot in our list of top-performing cryptocurrencies.

SingularityNET (AGIX) has made multiple appearances on the list of top-performing coins, which demonstrates its stability. As a result, it has become a popular crypto asset among investors, and its market capitalization has now surpassed $500 billion.

  • TOP FACT: SingularityNET makes the list of the top growing cryptocurrencies of the week for the third time, including twice leading the week as the largest percentage increase.

Assuming an investor purchased $1000 worth of SingularityNET (AGIX) on Monday, March 13, they would have seen a notable return on their investment by the end of the week, with their assets increase in value to $1350 based on the percentage growth seen during the period.

4th Place:

Last week's market was dominated by the upward trend of the U.S. dollar, which had a significant impact on most cryptocurrencies. Among the coins that experienced substantial percentage growth during this period, the fourth-ranked crypto on our list stood out.

Stacks (STX) was the biggest gainer with a remarkable seven-day gain of 51.41%. This means that an initial investment of $1000 would have grown to $1514 by the end of the week.

The investor's profit over the course of seven days would have amounted to $510, a sizeable return on investment.

With a market capitalization of half a billion dollars, STX is poised for continued growth during the current Bull Run.

  • TOP FACT: Stacks has previously been among the biggest gainers of the Week, having recorded a 132% increase during the week of February 17-24.

3rd Place:

We observed another significant crypto asset, Immutable (IMX), join the Bull Run with a 52% surge, giving investors something to cheer about.

IMX is an Ethereum-based token, featuring speedy transactions and minimal transaction fees for users.

The token's market capitalization has surpassed $1 billion, and it's presently available for purchase at $1.43.

  • TOP FACT: Immutable can handle up to 9,000 transactions per second, a remarkable feat in the blockchain world.

An investment of $1000 worth of IMX at the start of the week would yield a total of $1520 in asset value by the week's end, translating to a seven-day profit of $520.

2nd Place:

Mask Network (MASK) surprised investors last week with an impressive 78% gain, proving that cryptocurrencies can still provide unexpected returns.

The coin has gained attention from crypto enthusiasts due to its active association with popular Web3 projects.

MASK is currently valued at $6 and has a market capitalization of nearly half a billion dollars.

An investor who purchased $1000 worth of MASK at the beginning of the week would have assets valued at $1780 by the end of the week, based on the growth shown.

The profit in just one week would be $780.

  • TOP FACT: In February 2021, MASK hit its all-time high at $41 per coin.

First Place:

Last week, every cryptocurrency on our list experienced double-digit percentage growth, but none compared to the remarkable performance of the top-ranked crypto.

Coinflux (CFX) is a crypto asset with a market capitalization of over one billion dollars that fulfils all investors' expectations. It recorded a staggering 124% increase in just seven days.

In simpler terms, a $1000 investment made at the beginning of the week would have turned into an asset worth $2240 by the end of the week.

The increase amounted to $1240 in just one week.

  • TOP FACT: This isn't Coinflux's first appearance on our list. During the week of February 17-24, CFX showed an 86% increase.

CFX is a crypto asset that consistently achieves double-digit percentage growth rates, making it an exciting investment prospect for many investors.

Coinflux's seven-day chart looks promising, and the crypto has been on a steady uptrend throughout the week, making it an asset worth watching closely.

Popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC); Solana (SOL)

The current Bull Run period has positively affected the majority of cryptocurrencies, leading to increased interest from investors and attracting newcomers to the industry.

Bitcoin (BTC), one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, has also experienced a surge in value in recent weeks, with a 27% increase in its seven-day moving average, bringing its current value to $28,000.

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Solana, a well-known cryptocurrency, has also demonstrated a good growth rate over the past seven days, with a price increase of approximately 20%. As a result, the unit cost of Solana has strengthened and can now be purchased at $23.


The current period can be considered a favourable time for entering the world of cryptocurrencies, given the ongoing Bull Run that has been driving the industry's growth and attracting individuals who seek to capitalize on their investments within a relatively short timeframe.

It is important to note that only observing the price is not enough for successful trading and you need to use additional indicators such as trading signals, etc.

Our blogs will help you better in this.

Wish you successful trading!