Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Market is Growing
5th Place: Beam (BEAM) – 38% Increase
4th Place: Celestia (TIA) – 72% Increase
3rd Place: IOTA (IOTA) – 100% Increase
2nd Place: ORDI (ORDI) – 109% Increase
1st Place: Terra Classic (LUNC) – 132% Increase
Bitcoin Price and It’s Increase
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Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Market is Growing

The crypto market has sustained a favorable momentum for numerous weeks, enticing users with the rising values of various cryptocurrencies.

This blog post will highlight the leading TOP 5 cryptocurrencies of the week based on their price surge. Explore each coin's unique features and gain essential insights before considering any crypto purchases.

5th Place: Beam (BEAM) – 38% Increase

Beam, a crypto asset holding the 94th position on CoinMarketCap's roster of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, has experienced a noteworthy 38% surge in the past week, securing its place among the top 5 gainers.

Presently valued at $0.01, BEAM is available for purchase, with a circulating supply of $530 million coins within the crypto market.

Serving as the native coin for the Beam network, it serves as a medium of exchange for various services utilized by both players and developers.

Initiated in 2021, the Merit Circle DAO, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency gaming sector, has actively integrated this asset, establishing itself as a valuable resource within the network.

4th Place: Celestia (TIA) – 72% Increase

Out of the top 5 ascending cryptocurrencies, Celestia claims the pinnacle spot in CoinMarketCap's lineup of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies, boasting a market capitalization of $1.380 billion.

In the past 24 hours, transactions totaling $390 million in TIA Coin have transpired across diverse crypto platforms. The current market price for this asset hovers around $9.

It's noteworthy that Celestia has recurrently featured in the list of burgeoning cryptocurrencies, indicating its consistent and stable growth trajectory, making it an enticing investment prospect.

As a reminder, Celestia operates as a blockchain cryptocurrency of the same name, serving internal payment purposes. The blockchain platform empowers users to establish their networks and construct a blockchain with a customized architecture from the ground up.

For blockchain enthusiasts and developers, TIA holds substantial popularity, making it an appealing option for those looking to venture into blockchain creation. Explore the Celestia page to delve into the possibilities it offers.

3rd Place: IOTA (IOTA) – 100% Increase

For those intrigued by alternative cryptocurrencies, consider exploring IOTA, which has witnessed an impressive 100% growth within a mere 7 days.

  • Imagine investing $1,000 in IOTA on Monday, November 27; by Monday, December 4, your initial investment would have doubled to $2,000.

With a modest entry point of $0.3 per unit, IOTA boasts a circulating asset value of just over $1 billion, securing its position as the 57th cryptocurrency by total market capitalization on CoinMarketCap.

Diverging from the conventional blockchain structure, IOTA operates on a unique network called the Tangle, featuring a distinct transaction verification system. The quartet of creators—Sergey Ivancheglo, Serguei Popov, David Sønstebø, and Dominik Schiener—envisioned a cryptocurrency that eliminates fees and accelerates transaction speeds.

In IOTA's fee-free ecosystem absent traditional miners, they have realized this objective, offering a novel perspective on cryptocurrency transactions. If the intricacies of this project pique your interest, delve into its details to gain a comprehensive understanding.

2nd Place: ORDI (ORDI) – 109% Increase

Securing the 2nd position among the top 5 fastest-growing cryptocurrencies this week, ORDI has achieved an impressive 109% growth, eliciting satisfaction among numerous investors.

The extraordinary surge in interest for this crypto stems from its unconventional nature—it isn't a standard cryptocurrency. Instead, ORDI's operational code is intricately linked to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Powered by the Ord protocol, ORDI facilitates the storage of diverse forms of information, including text, photos, audio, and even videos, within the smallest unit of Bitcoin, the satoshi. This transformative process converts the stored data into unique NFT tokens.

It's crucial to note that the total circulating supply of bitcoins can be subdivided into 2.1 quadrillion smaller pieces, paving the way for the creation of an extensive 2.1 quadrillion unique NFT tokens, heralding an entirely new dimension within the crypto market.

What advantages do Ordinals bring to the table?

  • A whole new Crypto market based on the Bitcoin protocol
  • Present text or visual information as a NFT Token

Be mindful that at the present moment, acquiring a single ordinal comes at the price of $41. However, with the looming prospect of Bitcoin halving, numerous investors are foreseeing an impending surge in its value.

1st Place: Terra Classic (LUNC) – 132% Increase

Leading the charge among the top 5 growing cryptocurrencies this week, Terra Classic (LUNC), a member of the Terra crypto family, has once again secured its position with an impressive growth of 132%.

While some crypto investors may find this news unsurprising, given that Terra Classic claimed the 3rd spot in the top 5 cryptos of the previous week with a 51% gain, the cryptocurrency continues to surpass all expectations.

  • Investing $1000 in this crypto at the week's onset translates to a total asset value of $2320 after just 7 days, yielding a profit of $1320.

At present, LUNC boasts a market capitalization of $1.3 billion, and this figure is consistently on the rise.

The Terra team commenced their work on this project in January 2018, and it has been in circulation since April 2019. Notably, in May 2022, the Terra ecosystem underwent a rebranding, and it is now recognized as LUNA Classic, or LUNC.

Bitcoin Price and It’s Increase

While the spotlight often shines on the top 5 cryptocurrencies on our list, the undeniable pioneer of the crypto market, Bitcoin, has also been making significant strides.

Notably, over the weekend, Bitcoin experienced noteworthy price fluctuations, currently resting within the range of $41,000 for those looking to make a purchase.

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