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WallyPay is a Georgian FinTech company that offers financial services with quick, secure, and smooth asset transfers. WallyPay expands the variety of options available on Cryptal and makes depositing money even easier. WallyPay is also a crypto-friendly payment ecosystem and e-wallet that gives you the ability to deposit money to buy crypto, and most importantly without any commission fees!

Using WallyPay on Cryptal is:

  1. Fast – deposits via WallyPay are almost instantly credited to your Cryptal account.
  2. Confidential – within the crypto ecosystem, WallyPay transactions are secure and anonymous.
  3. Convenient – WallyPay partners with the international money transfer company Unistream, which allows you to transfer funds to Cryptal from nearly anywhere.
  4. FREE.

WallyPay is available in conjunction with Unistream in many countries worldwide, including:
Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Russia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Serbia, Turkey, Philippines, Czech Republic, and more!