Step 1: Enable 2FA
Step 2: Select your wallet
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Step 1: Enable 2FA

You can withdraw cryptocurrencies or fiat money from your Cryptal wallet.

  • Note: You must have Google Authenticator (or another TOTP app) enabled for two-factor authentication when making a withdrawal.

Step 2: Select your wallet

To withdraw funds, go to the Wallet menu and choose the desired wallet from the crypto and fiat wallets in the section on the left. Then, click Withdrawal in the section on the right.

  • If you’re withdrawing from a crypto wallet, you will be asked to indicate a destination address and the amount of coins. Take note of the blockchain fee, and click Withdraw. Your updated coin balance will be reflected in your wallet, and the recipient will receive the coins after the required number of confirmations.
  • If you want to withdraw fiat, choose the relevant wallet from the section on the left. Provide your bank account information for a wire transfer and indicate the amount. Local transfers will be reflected within 1 business day, while international transfers may take up to 3 days. You can also withdraw GEL to your credit or debit card. Select a previously saved card or add a new one first, indicate the amount, and click Withdraw.

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