What is Cryptocurrency USDT?
What are the Benefits of USDT?
How to Buy USDT: Convert & Spot Trade
What are the benefits of Convert?
Spot Trade
What are the benefits of Spot Trade?
Topping up the Balance on Cryptal
Summary: You can now Buy USDT!
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What is Cryptocurrency USDT?

USDT, also referred to as Tether, is a stable cryptocurrency tethered to the value of the US Dollar, ensuring stability at a fixed rate of 1 USD. Its stability is underpinned by reserves in dollars, thus earning its classification as a stable cryptocurrency.

The entity behind USDT is headquartered in Hong Kong and boasts ownership of BitFinex, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange.

As per CoinMarketCap, a platform furnishing comprehensive cryptocurrency data including price and market capitalization, USDT ranks among the top ten digital assets, boasting a substantial market capitalization of $104 billion.

What are the Benefits of USDT?

  • Stability - USDT is a stablecoin, meaning its value is meant to be stable and pegged to a fiat currency, like the US dollar. This makes it less volatile than other cryptocurrencies

  • Alternate to USD - Given the consistent parity between the US Dollar and USDT, cryptocurrencies offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional dollar transactions.

  • Quick Transactions - Sending USDT between wallets or exchanges can be faster than traditional bank transfers, especially for international transactions

  • Lower Fees - Transaction fees with USDT can be lower compared to traditional banking fees, especially for large transactions

  • Easy - It's easy to swap USDT for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, making it a convenient option for traders and investors

For further insights into this digital asset, feel free to explore our blog. Discover easily digestible information detailing what this cryptocurrency entails and its versatile applications.

How to Buy USDT: Convert & Spot Trade

Are you considering venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies but unsure where to begin? Fear not, as we've compiled some straightforward methods to help you purchase USDT, even if you're completely new to digital assets.

To initiate your cryptocurrency journey, you'll require the assistance of crypto exchanges, pivotal platforms for managing digital assets. Notable exchanges in the market include Cryptal, Mycoins, and Coinmania. Additionally, there are other exchanges like Binance, although it caters more to individuals with relatively more experience.

For its minimal fees and user-friendly interface, Cryptal emerges as an ideal choice. Here, you can purchase crypto through two primary methods:

  • Convert - Instantly Purchase Crypto
  • Spot Trade - Obtain USDT at Optimal Prices

Prior to purchasing USDT, it's imperative to have a crypto wallet to safeguard your acquired assets.

A crypto wallet functions akin to a traditional bank account. Each cryptocurrency necessitates its own designated wallet—just as different currencies require separate accounts, such as GEL for Georgian Lari and USD for US dollars.

For instance, acquiring Bitcoin necessitates a Bitcoin wallet, while USDT acquisition mandates a wallet tailored specifically for USDT storage, aptly termed a USDT wallet.

If you seek comprehensive insights into crypto wallets—detailing various types, distinctions between them, and recommendations for selection—our blog provides real-world explanations on the subject.

Upon registration on Cryptal and subsequent crypto purchases, an associated cryptocurrency wallet will be automatically generated for you. The digital assets you procure will seamlessly and instantly reside within their respective wallets.

Now, let’s talk about the ways of Buying Cryptocurrency:


This feature is tailored to streamline the process of purchasing cryptocurrency, ensuring convenience and swiftness, especially for newcomers to the industry lacking prior experience in acquiring crypto assets. Cryptal's Convert function is adeptly designed to cater to such individuals, offering an intuitive interface and eliminating any waiting period by facilitating instant crypto acquisition.

  • Enter Cryptal
  • Choose Buy Crypto
  • Indicate USDT and TOUSD
  • Enter Amount
  • Click Buy

What are the benefits of Convert?

  • Speed – You’ll get USDT in a few Seconds
  • Simplicity – Buying USDT is possible in a couple of clicks

Spot Trade

This platform serves as a meeting ground for both cryptocurrency buyers and sellers, facilitating exchanges known as Orders. Here, you can express your intent to purchase crypto by specifying details such as the desired amount of USDT and the price you're willing to pay. Subsequently, you await a suitable seller to match your order.

For instance: if you wish to procure 100 USDT at a price of $98 instead of the standard $100, you would submit your order on the exchange and await potential matches.

When a seller possessing USDT in their wallet encounters your order and finds the specified price and quantity agreeable, they may accept the request, resulting in a trade.

Following the successful trade, 100 USDT will automatically be credited to your wallet, while $98 will be transferred from your dollar account to the wallet of the seller who facilitated the transaction.

Spot Exchange has two interesting features:

a. Market Order: This method automatically secures the best available price for the desired cryptocurrency on the exchange at the time of purchase.
When buying USDT through a Market Order, you obtain it at the prevailing best price on the exchange.

b. Limit Order: With a Limit Order, users manually set the maximum and minimum price limits they are willing to pay for USDT. The exchange then matches them with the best available price within the specified limits.

What are the benefits of Spot Trade?

  • Best Price – You Buy Crypto at the Best Price

Topping up the Balance on Cryptal

In the realm of cryptocurrency, transactions are conducted entirely in the digital domain. However, to initiate purchases, one must first possess fiat currencies such as Georgian Lari (GEL), US Dollars (USD), or Euros (EUR).

Whether you're interested in acquiring Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even a digital equivalent of the US Dollar like USDT, you'll require fiat currency within your Cryptal account.

You have the flexibility to replenish your balance on the platform with GEL, USD, or EUR, which are seamlessly converted into the respective assets necessary for cryptocurrency transactions—TOGEL, TOUSD, and TOEUR.

To facilitate this process, you can conveniently top up your balance using Visa and Mastercard cards issued by the Bank of Georgia and TBC Bank or opt for Wire Transfer for added flexibility.

Summary: You can now Buy USDT!

USDT stands out within the cryptocurrency landscape as a digital asset serving as a substitute for the US Dollar, fostering stability in trading environments.

Renowned for its minimal fees, rapid transaction processing, and user-friendly interface, USDT offers a convenient avenue for crypto enthusiasts. Even beginners find purchasing USDT via crypto-to-crypto conversions remarkably straightforward.