Metaverse Boom is Back?
Walking Dead, Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders, and Hollywood in Metaverse?
Why this is Important?
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2023-11-15clock5 minutes

Metaverse Boom is Back?

The Sandbox, a metaverse platform, is introducing a cinematic-inspired district, providing virtual land buyers with the opportunity to craft immersive environments in collaboration with renowned Hollywood franchises such as "The Walking Dead," "Black Mirror," and "Peaky Blinders."

The market for virtual land plots, represented by The Sandbox's LAND non-fungible tokens, experienced a decline following the conclusion of the cryptocurrency's previous bull run. However, industry experts anticipate a resurgence in interest with the exciting development of Hollywood brands making their entry into the metaverse.

Walking Dead, Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders, and Hollywood in Metaverse?

The Sandbox has unveiled its latest virtual district, "Cinerama," inviting users to register for the chance to purchase and develop their digital properties, fostering collaboration and transforming film concepts into immersive, interactive entertainment.

Through recent posts on Twitter, The Sandbox has disclosed a strategic partnership with Banijay, the rights holder of popular Netflix series such as Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders. This collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate these acclaimed series into the virtual realm.

The collaborative initiative is centered on the creation and launch of Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders-themed virtual experiences. Players will have the unique opportunity to choose characters, unlock new areas, and explore the intricacies of these beloved series.

While specific details about these metaverse experiences are currently confidential, further information is anticipated to be unveiled in the near future.

Black Mirror, first introduced in 2011, explores the intricate ways in which individuals navigate the pervasive impact of cutting-edge technology on their personal lives and behaviors.

In addition to these offerings, the new digital neighborhood will also showcase iconic Hollywood brands like "The Walking Dead."

Why this is Important?

In the wake of the recent crypto bull run and the growing enthusiasm for the metaverse, spurred in part by Mark Zuckerberg's rebranding of Facebook to Meta, sales for The Sandbox LAND NFTs surged.

During a peak moment in late 2021, daily trading volume for LAND NFTs exceeded 13,000 ether, equivalent to approximately $26 million based on current values, according to OpenSea data. The floor price for LAND tokens reached a pinnacle of 4.5 ether each, now valued at around $8,600, in January 2022.

The native SAND token of The Sandbox has experienced a recent rebound, climbing from $0.28 in October to its current value of approximately $0.42.

Both Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders have achieved significant popularity and critical acclaim. Introducing them to the metaverse is a strategic move aimed at offering fans more immersive experiences.

This initiative aligns with a broader trend in the entertainment industry, where popular series and movies are embracing Web3 technologies to engage and captivate their audiences.