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Fees, fees, fees...

You can expect to pay a small fee for the following services:

  • Trading assets
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals

Trading fees

  • All exchange trades have a 0.25% maker/taker fee.
  • Instant trade transactions do not incur an additional fee – the currently quoted price is all-inclusive.

Deposit fees

  • Crypto deposits are free.
  • Fiat deposits made by bank transfer (SWIFT or local) are also free.
  • Incoming Euro deposits via SEPA will be charged 0.15% + 3 EUR.
  • Deposits taken from a Visa or Mastercard will be charged 4% for USD and 3% for GEL.
  • Deposits using WallyPay are free.

Withdrawal fees

  • Currently, you can withdraw USD via SWIFT with no additional charges.
  • Euro withdrawals are charged 1% of the amount via SWIFT or SEPA.
  • GEL withdrawals to a bank account are charged 0.5% of the amount. Withdrawals to a Visa or Mastercard via Bank of Georgia incur a flat fee of 1.2 GEL; via TBC the fee is 1 GEL.
  • Crypto withdrawals require a transactions fee that varies by blockchain. The current fee will be displayed before you confirm your transaction.

Up to date fees

Our current fee schedule is here: cryptal.com/en/fees

Open a ticket for more assistance

If you have any questions about our fees or need help understanding any charges to your account, our 24/7 help desk is always available:


You can also write to us: support@cryptal.com